Friday, October 24, 2008


Video By Richard Corbett, MEP

This Video really needs no commentry from me, Richard succinctly deals with the matter

As Richard Notes there is now a draft report from the Petitions Committee on this matter which will soon be debated by the Parliament in Brussels, you can read the draft here: English = français = Deutsch = italiano = español = ελληνικά = magyar = polski = română = slovenčina = slovenščina = suomi = svenska = български = čeština = dansk = eesti keel = latviešu valoda = lietuvių kalba = Malti = Nederlands = português

I encourage everyone affected by the guides to draw the attention of their MEPs to this report. and to ask that they follow its progress

How to contact your MEP:
You may find that you are represented by more than one MEP, if so, please contact them all! ALL EU Countries please navigate to your country UK Only (enter your postcode, you can then fax direct from the webform)

Jules Woodell

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