Thursday, January 08, 2009


Constoppers: UK Tax Deadline Scams

This Message was sent to the Constoppers email list, a free opt-in service, sending very occasional warnings about scams that affect SMEs and charities.
To join and get warnings direct to your inbox simply email:

To report a scam, email:

The UK Tax office, HMRC, is reporting a rise in so called Phishing Scams. These scams take the form of emails or phone calls relating to the tax deadline or a rebate where the victim is asked for sensitive information which could allow the scammer to access bank accounts and steal money. Emails might also link to a fake website which could install malicious code on your computers and compromise security

HMRC states that it only ever contacts businesses by letter and would never request such information by phone or email.

They are also providing up-to-date information on emails and tactics used by the fraudsters

If you receive an email purporting to be from HMRC please forward it or call the helpline on 0845 302 0203

It is very refreshing to see a government body taking such a proactive stance against scams, hopefully this will mark a new dawn in the way government works to protect and forewarn small businesses.

Jules Woodell 08 Jan 2009

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