Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Misleading forms alert: The UK Internet Register

Today I started getting emails about a new form that was arriving at UK companies via Fax, those who examined it felt it was misleading and so sent me copies, I am always happy to see forms and contracts that you get, please email them!

The UK Internet Register is new, however it is simply a variation on a form that has been used in many countries, the layout of the form ensures that the cost is hard to spot. Like so many other forms, companies have noticed that their details are inaccurate, drawing them away from the small print and into the process of correcting their data.

What is on offer is an inter-professional directory that appears to be published online only and where signing will cost you £639 Per Annum for a minimum of 3 years, interestingly you are already fully listed if get sent the form, all you gain by signing is 3 keywords in their search engine. I checked their website on Alexia and the traffic is currently so low that it cannot be evaluated. Looks like those 3 keywords might not be a very good buy at £213 each!

The form arrives by fax with a freephone faxback number of 080 82 38 02 31. I checked this number on on ICSTIS. They note that they do not regulate freephone numbers, but they do tell you that this number is provided by MCI WorldCom Ltd.

If you receive a form and consider it misleading you may wish to contact MCI WorldCom Ltd. and voice your concerns about the usage of this freephone number

MCI Wordlcom Ltd, Barnards Inn 86 Fetter Lane, London, EC4A 1EN
Ph 0207 6754496

So is The UK Internet Register really new? Well a closer examination reveals it is actually sent by a company well known to stopECG
DAD Deutscher Adressdienst GmbH

This company has indulged for years in the mailing of misleading contracts, like so many other guides StopECG features, DAD will claim that the forms they send are clear, yet like the other guides DAD fail to amend the forms and fully remove the ambiguities their 'customers' complain of. Swiss newspaper Tagesanzeiger exposed links between DAD and other Ludenbach guides, it appears likely that they are part of his empire. You will notice that director Inga Kruskop has a long association with Lüdenbach

In the dreaded small print a website is noted where the directory can be found

A whois confirms that this domain is owned by DAD and was only set up in January this year, a reverse DNS on the server shows it hosts other very similar domains such as:


I wonder where DAD’s misleading Faxes will be going next?

If you have signed this form in error and are now disputing the matter, please visit the stopECG page on DAD.

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