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Misleading forms alert: The UK Internet Register

Today I started getting emails about a new form that was arriving at UK companies via Fax, those who examined it felt it was misleading and so sent me copies, I am always happy to see forms and contracts that you get, please email them!

The UK Internet Register is new, however it is simply a variation on a form that has been used in many countries, the layout of the form ensures that the cost is hard to spot. Like so many other forms, companies have noticed that their details are inaccurate, drawing them away from the small print and into the process of correcting their data.

What is on offer is an inter-professional directory that appears to be published online only and where signing will cost you £639 Per Annum for a minimum of 3 years, interestingly you are already fully listed if get sent the form, all you gain by signing is 3 keywords in their search engine. I checked their website on Alexia and the traffic is currently so low that it cannot be evaluated. Looks like those 3 keywords might not be a very good buy at £213 each!

The form arrives by fax with a freephone faxback number of 080 82 38 02 31. I checked this number on on ICSTIS. They note that they do not regulate freephone numbers, but they do tell you that this number is provided by MCI WorldCom Ltd.

If you receive a form and consider it misleading you may wish to contact MCI WorldCom Ltd. and voice your concerns about the usage of this freephone number

MCI Wordlcom Ltd, Barnards Inn 86 Fetter Lane, London, EC4A 1EN
Ph 0207 6754496

So is The UK Internet Register really new? Well a closer examination reveals it is actually sent by a company well known to stopECG
DAD Deutscher Adressdienst GmbH

This company has indulged for years in the mailing of misleading contracts, like so many other guides StopECG features, DAD will claim that the forms they send are clear, yet like the other guides DAD fail to amend the forms and fully remove the ambiguities their 'customers' complain of. Swiss newspaper Tagesanzeiger exposed links between DAD and other Ludenbach guides, it appears likely that they are part of his empire. You will notice that director Inga Kruskop has a long association with Lüdenbach

In the dreaded small print a website is noted where the directory can be found

A whois confirms that this domain is owned by DAD and was only set up in January this year, a reverse DNS on the server shows it hosts other very similar domains such as:


I wonder where DAD’s misleading Faxes will be going next?

If you have signed this form in error and are now disputing the matter, please visit the stopECG page on DAD.

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This scam is now being perpetrated in US as well. Don't sign the document!
Received one today in the mail from "American Internet Register." It looks identical to the UK version, except uses an American flag in color on the upper left. Fax no. 1-800-748-7114, web address, www.american-internet-register.com. Price, $1,287USD. Yikes, steep!
Congratulations on exposing this repeat of
EuroCity Guide. Having gone through the mill fighting them, I was
amazed to be contacted on the phone by a lady who
asked if I wanted to repeat my entry and, when
asked, was told it would
cost £139 and no mention of the 3-year contract.
I have received one these to day in the UK. Felt immediately this was not the norm for an internet order.
The company I work for received one of these through the post this morning. I was fairly sure it was a scam, but thank you for the helpful information that confirmed it.
Thanks to your post I confirmed the letter I received at work today was indeed a scam, as suspected:

A letter arrived today with a mail address on the envelope as MLG, AT122641, c/o , Spring, Greenford UB18 7AT.

Letter heading is: UK Internet Register and with the 080 82 38 02 31 number to fax to.

Careful reading reveals they want £ 639 p.a. to advertise in the register.

The return address is to DAD in Hamburg.

Andrew www.daykin.biz
the same form is now coming through the post in the uk
Yes, these are being sent by post in the UK. Having had my time (and possibly my money) wasted by the Europian City Directory, I cannot put into print how I feel about these scams
several from UK internet register and the European City Guide have hit businesses at the same business park in Sittingbourne, Kent Today.
I have received one (didnt fall for it) but for reference the Mailing Address on the envelope shows:
Undelivered Items:
c/o Spring
UB18 7AT

Mailstamp shows Royal Mail, postage paid GB, HQ18465
I got one the other day here in the UK and I always read the small print!

I noticed the German-connection and wondered why a company in Germany would be dealing with UK domains... I smelt a rat!

Then when I saw the fee of £639 per year ... well, I rest my case!

Cheaper to go to an SEO-expert I would say.
I received a UK version last week. Had the old address on it, I already filled in new deatils when I got suspicious. After testing the faxnumber I found out it didn't exsist (anymore?). Thanks for publishing this on your blog.
Unfortuantely I have been completelty taken in by the letter and I signed back in May. As soon as I got the invoice I realised I had beed misled and immediately wrote back cancelling the contract but today have another letter from them stating they will not cancel and I must pay. I wish I had seen this site before! Will seek legal advice and write to relavant parties as suggested on this site. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. L. Richards
Have signed in error and they are unwilling to cancel. Does anyone have any advice?
hi, just been caught by this scam.
I got my invoice this morning.
It is misleading when i received the initial form I thought i was updating details.
Anyway I have now received invoice
any ideas how i should deal with this
by the way this is supposedly a three year contract
before i saw this blog I sent an e-mail to info@deutscher-adressdienst.de
which is on the bottom of there invoice it returned server not found
They're at it again. I received one this week as American Internet Register, but the logo is now a series of 7 blue arched lines overlapping to represent a world(?). Same 1-800-748-7114 fax line (reverse lookup on switchboard only shows Intelius having info (and they want $ to get it).
DAD is still selling you whatever their scam is (nothing I assume) for 1287 US $ -- I can't believe anyone would be foolish enough to sign and respond, but I guess they count on a few bozos to unwittingly respond.
I receieved one in the mail today for the "american internet register". But there was no American flag. The logo looked like curved lines going both horizontal and vertical; like a vague and abstract outline of a globe. Definitely DO NOT SIGN!
We've just received one as well. I just wrote SCAM in sharpie marker and faxed it back!
Thank you. We received the scamming document from DAD as well, here in the US (Northern California). We will not sign it -- after seeing the information here. THANK YOU so much!!!
This scammy document is being sent to many pubs, mine included. We get many invitations to publicise our premises, or just update details; and it would be very easy to "sign and send" with reading the small print.
A friend of mine was caught out by a version of this and was hounded for about 2 years when he (reasonably) refused to pay.

Gordon Warden
The Olde Kings arms
Hemel Hempstead. HERTS
I signed the document, just received an invoice for £639.
Someone from there company phoned me and asked if we would like to appear on the UK internet register. If so just sign the fax document and send it straight back, no mention of the £639.

I fell for this scam from the European City Guide a couple of years ago. Having recieved several invoices as well as letters form the debt collecting department I have simply refused to pay.I have sent them a letter explaining that I was conned into signing the form and that they will not recieve a penny from me or my company. To date they have done nothing that would suggest they are actively seeking payment. I believe they rely on Bullying tactics to scare people into paying. If, like me, you just don't pay they soon leave you alone.
I hope this is of some help.

Ben lancaster
last year fell for this scam and I actually paid the first year and wrote to them saying I want to cancel I have now received another letter requesting payment for this year I have called them to say I won't pay and now I have received a letter saying they will charge me interest if I don't pay. I really don't want to pay the scamming sod's I need advice please help!!
well I got one today, sent from MLG AT122641 Greenford UB18 7AT. with a return envelope, bearing the address of ECG, S.L.
C/ Martinez Cubells N0 6, 40, PTA 8 E-46002 Valencia. Fax +34 902 36 34 71.

with this web address listed.

I posted it back with unwanted scamming mail written on the envelope.
I have an elderly relative in this position who was pressurised into paying the first year fee and is now being chased for years 2 and 3. I would expect EU Human Rights legislation to provide him with some protection against harrassment has anyone looked into this


I have the same problem, only difference is the country: Belgium. Thank you for your website. I was about to settle the case with only 1 year payment, but now i feel like not paying at all!
Let us join together to fight misleading scam ads!
Just received one in the Netherlands by regular mail. Form stated in Dutch and using the Dutch flag in the upper left corner. Costs are EUR 997. Name of the firm is "Industrie en Handel 2009", Handels informatieregister (Industry and Trade 2009, Trade information register)

Return address is:
Martinez Cubells 6
E-46002 Valencia
Fax: +34 902 36 34 71
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