Friday, May 15, 2009


StopECG attacked

Some of you will have noticed repeated outages for the StopECG website over the last few days, these have been the result of renewed DDos attacks

It is exactly 3 years since I reported, on this blog the first Denial of Service attack against StopECG, in the intervening period the site has been under almost constant bombardment but we have found ways of deflecting or absorbing the extra traffic.

Last week a new sort of attack was launched, this was far bigger and more sophisticated than past attacks, based on the data flows and the type of attack I have been advised that this was almost certainly purchased from international criminal gangs and that a botnet
of several hundred thousand machines may have been involved.

At the peak of the attack on Tuesday 5th march several thousand websites were taken down, these were sites for small businesses and individuals and the economic damage was considerable, it was decided that it was not reasonable to remain with our host while such attacks were occurring.

StopECG was not the only site attacked, in fact almost every website in the world that comments on Business to Business guide scams has suffered DDos attacks in recent weeks, in what appears to be a coordinated effort to remove advice from the WWW

StopECG site is being moved from host to host on a temporary basis and will soon be located on a server dedicated to websites that are subject to such attacks. Alas this will cost moreā€¦ If you have benefited from the advice on please consider making a donation so that others can continue to benefit from the service we offer.

You can do this by Paypal to or, if you would prefer to send a Cheque please email and I will provide a postal address.

StopECGs accounts are managed by a 3rd Party and are used solely for the actual costs of running and defending the website

Jules Woodell

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