Thursday, January 26, 2006


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When Nick Cunningham launched his attack on I do not think he realised the anger that Novachannel AG’s activities have caused, now he is finding out and his only message to journalists who phone him up appears to be “No Comment”. There is a small part of me that wants to feel sorry for the man, however I wrote to him in October, making it very clear that he had a duty to himself and to his firm to investigate fully the allegations against his client before he continued to assist them. He could have walked away then, he did not.

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The pledge is half way in just 5 days, please consider pledging 100 pounds, we will only ask for the money if this actually ends up in court.
Even if you do not sign the pledge, please click the link above and leave a message of support

If you would rather donate your time or expertise check out our wish list on
This includes everything from Tech help to media and translations.

Without the Media I doubt we could have gotten the website back up, a big thanks to those papers that have supported us
The Register
Daily Mirror
(This page will move when archived, but you can find it in the future by visiting and searching for “Meinolf Ludenbach
Also see

The men behind the legal threats thought that by attacking they could remove from public view the valuable advice we offer, they may try again. For that reason it is very reassuring to have Richard Corbett MEP amongst the people to republish the site elsewhere on the web.

Reproducing a website in its entirety is known as ‘mirroring’ please consider grabbing the content of and reproducing it, or simply grabbing a page or two. You can post versions on your website or Blog, also consider posting text from the site to messageboards and relevant newsgroups on the Usenet. It helps if you include a link to the original page Please do not Spam


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