Thursday, March 23, 2006


The latest from Prague

A decade and a half after the Velvet Revolution Czech companies are involved in a new revolution, this time it is against the unacceptable face of Capitalism, or more accurately, sharp practice from directory scams. Ludenbach was quick to seize the opportunities opened up in Eastern Europe, companies there appear less aware of their rights and more vulnerable to threats of legal action, for a decade he has milked the gravy train of Eastern European companies where the owners and directors were unwilling to stand their ground.

In the vanguard of the attack on Eastern Europe has been Intercable Verlag, based in Switzerland, they have operated in the former Soviet Block countries since the 90s. Intercable did not stop there, in the Czech Republic they found that the courts would effectively enforce contracts in absentia, making defense against their demands much harder; a situation unique to that country. (See this article)

Intercable's website lists a staggering 2600 organizations in the Czech Republic alone! It contains everything imaginable, international banks, newspapers, security firms, various churches, even former President Havel's sister in law. Now many have had enough and some 250 have banded together to fight the scam. They have strong legal and media backing. During a recent court action instigated by Intercable, the first to come to a full hearing, about 50 lawyers representing other Czech victims, plus newspaper journalists turned up, and the judge had to adjourn the case.

We will keep you informed of developments from Prague

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