Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Denial (part 2)

Ah, hello there, I guessed you’d be back… I refer to those of you who instigated the criminal Denial Of Service attack on www.stopECG.org. Why did I report it as Denial (Part 1)? Did I know your next planned move?! Or did I do it just to get you back here?

Actually a different sort of denial I want to talk about today, it is a personal message to some people who have spent a lot of time posting some very unpleasant things about me on a web forum owned by Eye-Net (directors Thomas Volkmer and Udo Prummer). Of course I cannot discount the possibility that some of the people who post to that ‘forum’ are the same people who attacked stopecg.org and me personally through my online business.

It is the forum I wish to discuss today, it’s quite a rarified atmosphere in there isn’t it? I mean if anyone posts in my favour or (god forbid) puts Mr
Ludenbach’s name on there the omnipotent ‘Admin’ will remove it. So who is Admin? Is it you, Udo? Or you, Thomas? Perhaps whoever removes the posts would like to give us their real name because it is you I am talking to today, about denial.

Denial on a personal level is a sickness, it allows you to go on the wrong course in life because deep down you shut out the truth, your own brain deceives you into thinking your course of action is OK and those who try to warn you are often shunned or even vilified. Being In Denial is a potent state of mind, and one that can often lead to disaster.

Now there seem to be some people out there who are in denial right now, unwilling to accept that the way they do business is morally reprehensible, that it causes others a great deal of suffering. Men who go home to their comfortable houses and lavish money on pleasure while others, far away lose sleep and fret, because they signed a piece of paper in error and the callous people who sent it to them are now hounding them for money.

To send the document in ignorance of its misleading nature and then to refuse the pleas of those who signed by mistake would be revolting enough, but to continue to send the forms once you KNOW that people will become entrapped, that is plain evil. And we have not even got round to discussing the means used to threaten and intimidate these poor people into paying against their will.

Of course when you behave like this and live in denial of the suffering caused you need to sure up your beliefs, so what better than a ‘forum’ where only you and your friends can post, where you can poke fun at those who make a moral stand against you and can pretend that you are the upstanding citizens?

I feel sure denial is a topic that will come up again, so please check back for part 3

Jules Woodell

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