Wednesday, May 03, 2006


The Personal Touch

I guess it was inevitable that with the naming of Ludenbach as the man behind so many scams there would be a temptation amongst those who gain from, or support his activities to take a more personal line in their attacks on me.

So it was that from October 2005 posts have appeared on an obscure German forum portraying me as blacker than coal and portraying those who perpetrate the scams as victims of my malice. Anonymous posters using names such as 'berkan' and 'Landor' posted a mixture of half truths, lies and insinuations. The posts were then translated into several languages.

Apparently I run the 'nastiest smear campaign against an entire business branch' and am on the watch list of the FBI. Landor's post dated 03.02.2006 had me in physical pain (through laughter) with its closing line 'Mr. Woodell must be stopped. He is a danger to our society and not the New Age Robin Hood he claims to be.'

For a while some of the victims of the scams replied, however the administrator soon intervened, deleting all the responses hostile to the guides and following up with another comical comment.

For legal reasons and for the protection of the general public, we are not able to publish any articles/contributions of Jules Woodell's friends who in any way support or approve of the anarchistic activities of Jules Woodell.

An interesting take on the cross section of the UK business community who had posted!

It was becoming clear, this was not a forum for open discussion, rather it appears to be a vehicle for the defamation of those who oppose the Lüdenbach business model.

Since then the posts have continued as a one sided tirade, in a new tactic, a string of posts purporting to come from the directors of Ludenbach related companies. Michael Röwe Managing Director of NovaChannel AG, Alexander Zweigart of Premium Recovery AG and Francisco Lopez-Pelaez, Managing Director of The European City Guide have all posted. Each shows a surprising similarity in writing style and a remarkable ability to post in several languages. The comments range from mindless diatribe through stupid questions (Am I on the FBI watch list?) to outright threats ('your financial existence will be destroyed').

Perhaps it is time to take s quick look at who actually runs such a one-sided forum?

Under German Law WebPages must have an Impression page where ownership details are displayed, this forum, we are told belongs to eye-net GmbH: Directors: Thomas Volkmer and Udo Prummer.

Interesting... Volkmer and Prummer used to work for Novachannel AG, an association they were so embarrassed about that they brought a law suit against the German individual who exposed the link. Through a domain it registered, Eye-net has also hosted link farm pages for Ovag and Novachannel in the past as well as some porn sites. Indeed Thomas Volkmer appeared alongside a certain Mario Singer in the Whois records for one of the Ovag sites.

Could it be that Volkmer and Prummer are not as far removed from the scams as they would like people to believe? Do they still work for Meinolf Lüdenbach? We may never know.

Whatever their motive for running this forum it is really rather infantile, do these people really have nothing better to do than scour the Net to find out what Schools I went to?

I posted a few comments on this website, all saying basically the same, in that the ECG had misled my small charity based church into signing a contract to be entered into the guide. At first a reply comment was posted suggesting that I was lying for sympathy votes, then another suggesting that I am Jules. The administrator of the website than made it increasingly difficult for British citizens to post their comments, by only allowing you to, once joining the join you needed to understand German, thankfully I do, so continued to reply to the comments made. After a short while the administrator clearly decided they didn't like my views and so my comments were removed.

So much for an unbiased website!
The sad individuals are still at it

Over the May bank holiday a new website appeared

With the same pathetic invective... does this sound familiar? The European City Guide sees itself forced to publish this website as a factual
response to the actual background behind the virtual smear campaign of Jules Woodell....

If they really think that the people caught out by the ECG's 'contracts' are going to fall for this they are more deluded than we thought!
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