Thursday, June 01, 2006


Meinolf Lüdenbach announces his retirement

There is a new twist in the posts on the Defamation Forum, Meinolf Lüdenbach himself appears to have posted, announcing his retirement. I will post a response here shortly; today I merely report the content of his message, which is in German.

Is the post real? Possibly not, however knowing how the forum has been a central plank of the fight launched by the companies (named as Lüdenbach owned in the press) against the anti-scam websites; I consider it very unlikely that a post faked in his name would remain unless it had his sanction.

In it he does more than just announce his retirement, he describes the press coverage about him as untruthful, a character assassination and states that he now has a top media lawyer on side with the ability to take action, he does not say if he plans to sue. He claims that the reports have caused him large personal and financial damage with some treating him as if he were a leper while other institutions have stood by him.

He goes on to say that this ‘untruthful’ information was taken up gleefully by an English Anarchist (me) and a German pedophile (A topic I will come back to at some point) Apparently I am man who considers money making wrong, a sad and lonely individual who sits at his computer from 3pm – 3am. I fight the scams out of hope for self importance. However I am not a bad human and he hopes that I do not slip into terrorism!

The final paragraph explains that for some 3 years he has been planning his retirement and anyone who thinks he is going because of the publicity is wrong. He signs off with the following 2 lines, the first translated, the second in English

P.S.: I believe in God, right and law.
Keep on rocking into the free world!

You did the right thing and you are certainly a much more better human then this person. I just found this story because he has a ad running with Google ad linked to his forum. After reading and searching, check all this websites, you can see and understand that all is somehow stinking.
So, you did right no mother what are says or write. Keep on!
self evidently meiny believes in none of his ps remarks. he is blind to the truth and it is only the truth which will set him free. but unfortunately that's his business- for the moment anyway!

Trouble with these guys is they are essentially pschopathic in their world view and have no ability or interest in empathising with their victims. Take comfort that it is a brain defect and nothing personal.
If the guy is brain damaged, I'd sure hope someone would try to change his brain for a new, clean one. Not sure if such repair is without risk, though. :)
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