Monday, July 31, 2006


Does Eye-Net GmbH have money to burn?

It has come to my attention that the so-called forum used for defamation against me and also to announce the retirement of Meinolf Lüdenbach is now being advertised in the printed press

The small below appeared in the Swiss publication
"Schweizer Illustrierte" (
about a month ago.

More recently a Swiss blogger has identified another example in the publication Der Beobachter, which is consumer oriented and often exposes scams!

In translation the text of both adverts reads

Will jemand Ihren Ruf ermordern?
Does someone want to destroy your reputation?

Wir helfen! Gratis!
We (can) help! Free of charge!

These are hardly inspiring adverts I know, however placements in national publications of this kind do not come cheap and the ‘service’ they are offering is free, so what is the motive here?

As well as the ‘forums’ about the anti-scam sites (were any post critical of Lüdenbach’s activities is swiftly removed) the site also has a number of threads of low grade theoretical legal ‘discussions’.

There is no guarantee that the posts by largely anonymous users are not actually the work of a much smaller group of people, using several aliases and trying to give the forum credibility. Whatever is going on this does not have the appearance of an active or vibrant forum.

There are a few adverts that appear between posts but the revenue raising potential of the site would appear severely limited, so why pay good money for printed adverts?

* Are Eye-Net trying to get users on the site to give it credibility?

* Is someone trying to impress Ludenbach by showing they are investing in the project?

* Or do Eye-Net have simply have money to burn? If so, who’s money??

* Finally, how is it that a company that claims to offer web-design as one of its services can publish such a poorly designed advert?!

Not for the first time the activities surrounding Eye-Net GmbH appear to be stranger than fiction! Indeed one does not need to look far into the history of the company to find an episode where Mario Singer of Eye-net Gmbh helped set up a link farm1 for Ovag International AG (The Ludenbach related debt collection firm that used to hound victims of his guides for money). One of the domains contained a discussion forum (now defunct)
which included some quite frankly ludicrous discussions on debt collecting, the common theme in many of the posts was that they linked to other Ovag domains, thus, it was presumably hoped, enhancing their search engine ranking.

1 You can find more on Link Farming here:

2 The domain is now owned by an outfit in Bulgaria

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