Monday, June 05, 2006


An Open Letter to Meinolf Lüdenbach

Dear Mr Lüdenbach,

I hope you enjoy your retirement, a time that may lead you away from the publicity you clearly do not enjoy. I honestly do not wish you ill, I only wish for a complete and final end to the trick of mailing misleading contracts, a trick with which your name has become synonymous.

I do not know how far you have disengaged from these companies but feel sure that if you wanted to you could dissolve them. That Mr. Ludenbach is what I would like to see you do, morally you should also repay all the money gained from these practices, but I guess that is probably unrealistic as much will have been spent.

So will you dissolve the guide and debt collection companies? Dismantle them completely and destroy their databases?

Alas there are those who appear keen to emulate your business model, such copycat operations will surely keep your name in the public eye along with the suspicion of involvement, so while repaying the money made from the guides may be an impossibility, you could surely set up a foundation that would assist the many lawmakers who wish to ensure that these sorts of contract can never be mailed again without serious consequences for the sender. Think about it Mr. Ludenbach, this is your golden opportunity to leave a positive legacy.

I understand that the greatest resistance to my suggestions may come from your own emotions, most particularly the feeling that to do what I ask would be a sign of weakness, even defeat. I cannot soften that for you, except to say it is a far greater person who can admit to past mistakes than the one who fights proudly on while secretly knowing they are wrong. If you do these things I will assist you with the same energy I have shown over the last five years and will make that support clear in public if you desire.

You say you believe in God, which is interesting. You may decide not to answer my questions, but as a believer you surely accept that one day you will have to answer to your maker, and the questions may be difficult ones; those questions await you whatever happens, but at least in retirement you now have the time and the financial means to bring good to the world, you have an opportunity available to very few men.

I will respond in more detail to the personal comments in your message in the next few days, rest assured my response will not be angry, while you clearly misunderstand me as an individual you show none of the childishness and malice that certain company directors have displayed on the same forum.

Jules Woodell

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Thursday, June 01, 2006


Meinolf Lüdenbach announces his retirement

There is a new twist in the posts on the Defamation Forum, Meinolf Lüdenbach himself appears to have posted, announcing his retirement. I will post a response here shortly; today I merely report the content of his message, which is in German.

Is the post real? Possibly not, however knowing how the forum has been a central plank of the fight launched by the companies (named as Lüdenbach owned in the press) against the anti-scam websites; I consider it very unlikely that a post faked in his name would remain unless it had his sanction.

In it he does more than just announce his retirement, he describes the press coverage about him as untruthful, a character assassination and states that he now has a top media lawyer on side with the ability to take action, he does not say if he plans to sue. He claims that the reports have caused him large personal and financial damage with some treating him as if he were a leper while other institutions have stood by him.

He goes on to say that this ‘untruthful’ information was taken up gleefully by an English Anarchist (me) and a German pedophile (A topic I will come back to at some point) Apparently I am man who considers money making wrong, a sad and lonely individual who sits at his computer from 3pm – 3am. I fight the scams out of hope for self importance. However I am not a bad human and he hopes that I do not slip into terrorism!

The final paragraph explains that for some 3 years he has been planning his retirement and anyone who thinks he is going because of the publicity is wrong. He signs off with the following 2 lines, the first translated, the second in English

P.S.: I believe in God, right and law.
Keep on rocking into the free world!

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