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Big News From Switzerland

For days now I have been getting reliable reports that the police have moved decisively in Switzerland against the Guides and associated companies.

I can confirm that at Novachannel AG, Intercable Verlag AG and Premium Recovery are not trading at this time, that arrests have been made and that at least one senior executive is reported to have evaded arrest and to be on the run.

I must qualify the obvious delight felt by all who have been touched by these companies, because it is not over yet, firstly this will all now go to court where the guide owners are sure to hire the best lawyers money can buy, secondly they have already moved parts of the operation out of Switzerland.

Around the turn of the Year Novachannel passed their med1web operation to United Directories Lda. In Portugal, United immediately set about actively hounding people who had signed Novachannels earlier mailouts, they have been very persistent and are also now mailing their own forms, forms almost identical to those previously sent by Novachannel.

Then on 1st May Intercable Verlag AG transferred disputed contracts to CEA Kft. of Budapest Hungary. CEA has already set about writing to Czech and Slovak victims who have signed Intercable forms in error. I will publish updated advice for people in dispute with the new companies soon.

These new companies are just the latest twist in a complex web of firms straddling the globe but primarily based in Europe. For over 30 years straw men and trustees have fronted holding companies that provided logistics, technical support and infrastructure, parts of individual guide activities have been secretly managed by these companies and while it is near impossible to ascertain the true owners of many of these firms money flows between them with great ease both as payments and loans. Again and again the core perpetrators have evaded justice, to such a point that some of them now feel above the law.

I know that employees of these companies, both current and past will read this blog, so I appeal to those of you reading to seize this opportunity and go to the police! You will have information that is almost certainly no longer in the paper trail. Details you consider minor might aid the case and make it harder for the guide operators to set up afresh. It is not just the current operators, if there is a resounding conviction in this case it will make it harder for people elsewhere in the world to run similar scams.

I will update this article and stopECG with details of how to contact the Lucerne police directly but in the meantime why not take what you know to your local station, even if you think the guides are unconnected.

Update: 2nd July / 6th July: as promised here are the contact details for Swiss Police, you can also pass information to me on stopscamguides@yahoo.co.uk and I will pass it on, as it is unclear who has overall responsibility I have published all relevant addresses.

Lucerne Police
Kantonspolizei Luzern
Kasimir-Pfyffer-Strasse 26
Postfach 6002 Luzern
Tel +41 41 248 81 17
Fax +41 41 240 39 01
E-Mail info.kapo(at)lu.ch

Zug Police
Zuger Polizei
An der A
6300 Zug

Tel. 041 728 41 41
Fax 041 728 41 79
Ask for investigation officer Mr Daniel Stein

Swiss Courts
Eichwilstrasse 26010
Luzern Switzerland
Tel. +41 318 15 25

Fax +41 318 15 13

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Brilliant work Jules! Many thanks! Keep it up!
finally !!!!
Thank you so much for your hard work.

I felt quite alone after falling for this scam, but your site has been indispensable. Your guidance is very much appreciated.
We have same problems now with ECG from Valencia, Spain, could somebody advise us what we should do to defense ourselves?
Jules, and everyone supporting stopECG, your work is resurrecting the trust in the power of personal integrity. It takes courage and commitment. You are beautiful in my eyes and heart. Thank you.
Hi Jules

Thank you! This news gives me confidence that the same will happen to Med1web in Portugal!

I had another letter today demanding payment - I will not pay!

As Alexander has said, there are now problems in Valencia, I've just receiced an invoice for 997€ (yes I stupidly signed - but I'm quickly realising I'm not alone)
What should I do???
Do I have to pay???
These Expo Guide scum as of July 15th have moved to Czech Republic. The EU and EP must combine forces in all Nations to make it impossible for Expo Guide scum to open new PO boxes.

The latest mailing return address : PO Box 500 CZ-690 09 Breclav 120
Dear Jules,

I am so grateful for your sites and effort. I don't know what I would do without it! Thanks a lot, and if I can contribute somehow (a donation etc.) let me know. Warm regards

Excellent research with now final results in just one of the million scam operations running around the globe.
Lets hope some of the perpetrators will do their due jailtime including Ludenberg!!
Be patient, collect evidence, dont give up! Law enforcement once it picks up the scent will hopefully bring these scammers to justice in due time!

Best of Luck to all !!
Thank you so much all what you have done!!
I am not alone now!
Waw! I am not alone! Thank you. Greetings from Estonia.
I have letters from european city guides requesting payment for the 2 years after i initially signed and have now offered me a one off payment of 987 euros or legal action would proceed.I have resisted payment after following the stop ecg website.What will they try next from a legal angle
alex30, you have little to fear from Valencia. Please just follow the advice on www.stopecg.org
Just got back from my hols, cant believe i have a bill from this city guide from valencia.I thought i was just updating my details. Does anyone advise me to write back to this company a stern letter on my business headed paper with advise from StopECG. thanks
γαμιστε τους πουστηδες που μας εξαπάτησαν.
Εγω ειμαι ελληνας και δεν ανέχομαι να με κοροηδεύουν καταλαβατε?
ετσι και πιασω εναν θα τον εγαμήσω ανάποδα τον παλιόπουστα.
just yesterday i found this web site before going to bank to pay them. Every 2 weeks they are sending posts. thanx for such a web site and for all the advises from Turkey
EBG with a legitimate bank address and account, as well as a PO Box address must be taken off the market!

Here is their latest payment notide to me:

EBG payment request/demand information:

One year subscription : EUR 990,- (excluding VAT)*

*No VAT is invoiced for E.C. customers. For customers (enterprisers) from the EU : "VAT has moved to entrepreneur".

Paymer,: should be made within 14 (fourteen) days aftel- tile date of the invoice.

Bank details :

PAY TO: EU Business Services Ltd.

BANK: ING Bank N.V., P.O. Box 1800,1000 BV AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands

IBAN: NL50 INGB 0001335004
Nc#: 1335004

Please state clearly your invoice number. Bank charges for sender

EBG Business address:
EU Business Services Ltd.. Registration number: C27229, Charlestown Nevis (WI)

Postal address: P.O. Box 2021,3500 GA Utrecht,The Netherlands. Call center: +31-203-120-477. Fax: +31-205-248-107

info@eurobusinessguide.ne.t www.eurobusinessguide.net
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