Thursday, June 04, 2009


Scam supporters latest tactic

I have posted here before about Internetvictims, a German forum which carries posts by persons sympathetic to, quite possibly involved with the scam guides

The forum is maintained by persons who have in the past worked for a company that now profits from the mailing of misleading contracts and they have shown by the removal of comments critical of the scam guides that they are not independent moderators of the discussion there.

A recurring name used to post is Der Weisse Ritter (The White Knight) (sic), the person (Or persons) behind posts in this name show by their content a close affiliation with, and deep understanding of more than one guide. They post against, and attempt to harm individuals who have taken a stand against the scams.

Often the targets are peripheral to the battle, people who, because of their position are forced to take action against the scams.

The latest posts name certain MEPs who have taken a stand against the scams and implore people not to vote for them, Of course the chances of a constituent for one of these MEPs seeing the post, much less being moved to vote against them is minimal, that is not the goal. The objective of the Der Weisse Ritter posts appears to be to deter those in authority, those who have the power to stop these scams from entering the fray, less they be defamed.

It is not the place of StopECG to offer political affiliations but the rather infantile activity on Internetvictims does raise an issue. Many readers of this blog have the chance to vote on Thursday and they should ask what their MEP has done for them.

Has your MEP assisted you in fighting the guide scams?
Has your MEP shown that they understand the problem?
When The Parliament looks at the matter again in early 2010 can you be sure they will do what is best for you as a victim of the scam?
If so, I hope you will be moved to vote for them!

That is Democracy 'Ritter', Knights belong in a time when it was OK for the feudal lord to steal from his subjects; your choice of name is very telling!

Jules Woodell

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