Monday, August 24, 2009


Novachannel AG in Liquidation

Scam guide operator Novachannel AG has been put into liquidation continuing the process of closing down the Swiss hub of former the Ludenbach guide empire.

Novachannel started its life providing video chat and other services associated with the porn industry but with the liquidation in Lichtenstein of the Tour and Travel Guide which had scammed the tourist industry for many years the need within the guide industry arose for a new operation. Many addresses from the Tour and Travel guide were simply transferred to the new Novachannel database and Tourist Directory was born.

Novachannel was notable for its aggressive litigation against those who dared to criticise the company, litigation that usually went disastrously wrong, When Michael Plumpe, a German citizen described the operation as ‘mafia like’ Novachannel sued, bringing the case in Switzerland, after spending substantial amounts of money they lost with the courts agreeing with Plumpe.

StopECG was also attacked with various ISPs hosting the site receiving lawyers letters, but before litigation could commence the intervention of the British press and MEP Richard Corbett lead to substantial unwanted publicity and the publishing of Ludenbach’s photo in the media.

People who previously worked for Novachannel still work for Eye-net Gmbh in Germany which runs a defamation forum were Novachannel boss Michael Röwe used to post personal attacks. The current fate of Röwe is not known but he is believed to be amongst those arrested in Switzerland.

For victims of the tourist directory it is all over, expect no more demands for money. Another Former Novachannel Guide, Med1web continues to trade from Portugal and appears to be in the process of expanding its operation while a further guide the Yachting Almanac which was displayed on Novachannels website was still born with no contracts or demands ever mailed

Expect a new guide targeting the tourist industry to appear with forms ever-so-slightly different to those used by Novachannel.

If you used to work for Novachannel StopECG would be interested in hearing from you, even if your work was transient or part-time employment such as translation. You can get in contact by mailing your information will be treated in confidence.

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I have been billed for a listing on an
Austrian website called “Upps UK” for a fairly large sum. I have never contracted to have this advertisement by either letter or email. The website can be found by punching in “Upps Great Britain” but I have looked on all the search engines and it doesn’t appear anywhere. When I asked the company for the proof that I had agreed to the listing they produced a ticked box. One, I might add, I can’t remember ticking, but it was, they say back in September 2009. Can this be European law? Anyone could tick a box and find themselves in deep water by mistake. I have since, had two solicitors’ letters threatening to take me to court and charging me interest on the original bill and 8.38%. interest. I have emailed them repeatedly to take my ad off their site. I do not want it. In all the time they have kept it up there I have not had a single enquiry, which is hardly surprising as they can’t be found on google. I am worried that not only will I be billed this year but that they will keep it up there, and I will be paying forever.
On my dismay, I got this morning agin Eurpean City Guide 2010 CD (which of course I never asked for). I thougth City Guide was finished, and hope this is not a sign that it has been resurected again. Any update would be very useful.

I unfortunately inadvertently signed this European City Guide understanding that it would be a free entry. Just about 6 weeks ago I was astounded to find a bill for 997 Euros to be paid into a Bank in Valencia. Being a small business this amount was out of the question but left me feeling astonished and worried. However, when consulting Citizens Advice Bureau who looked on Google to find this wretched City guide was a scam. They advised me to do nothing, which of course goes without saying. I do not intend to give them one penny, but it still leaves me feeling very concerned, especially when, today I received another demand for this time, 1,150 Euros. Something further has to be done to protect innocent people whom they target.Any further advice would be appreciated.
European City Guide
Martinez Cubells 6, 40 pta 8
E - 46002 Valencia

I have just fallen for this scan that indicated I should return the form to update my shop details and have now recieved a bill for 1156.52(EUR).

I am of course not paying it and am goind to send letters to wherever I need to. If anyone has any other advice please help. I can not afford this! and didnt aske for it.
I have received an invoice for 1156.52 Eur, from City Guide, when last year I paid them 499Eur for a 1 off payment to cancell my contract.

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