Thursday, December 17, 2009


Good News for British NHS Doctors affected by med1web / TEMDI

Over the last few weeks stopECG and other organisations have received messages from UK based medical practitioners affected by Med1web who have been suddenly released from the claimed contracts.

The reason given by United Directories Lda is that these people are part of the UKs National Health service (NHS). We do not know the reasons for United’s change of heart but this is certainly good news for many people in the UK who are in dispute the directory.

UK practitioners who are with the NHS and in dispute with United as a result of signing forms mailed under the names med1web or TEMDI should reply to letters of demand noting that they are NHS Registered and asking for the contract to be annulled.

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I am one of people in Cambodia Country ( Asia) who had received scam email from World Business guide for updating my company name, I unfortunately have sign on the form in misleading.
Few day late, I recognized that I have signed on the wrong form and I have send the cancellation form to World Business Guide but never received any email from them or Even I sent the the cancellation form by Fax to them. I. E : they did not respond to our email when we did the cancellation.

Until one moth later, I received envelope from World Business Guide with an invoice of 998 Euro, I just wonder what kind of this company to cheat me, I urgently find this company on internet - My god it is world scam and they have cheat a lot of people in the world.
So, I decided did not make any payment to them and report to my lawyer and Cambodian Police Authority. I have sent email to them No Payment and Waiting to arrest them if they appear somewhere in my country.

Last month, I just received letter from WalDBerg & HirSCH Global collection, this letter is forcing me to pay but I never respond a single word to this company, then they call to my company, my staff pick up the phone and they asking the payment.
I told my staff next time do not make any conversation to them - It is vast of time.
If someone show up the face as representative of WaldBerge & HirSCH or World business Guide in my office, I will call to national police to take them to jail.

Thak for stop ECG that offer the information to people in the world

David from Cambodia
hat is indeed good news for doctors. I just hope that there will soon be some respite for those of us who don't come under the NHS. I signed the misleading document under Novochannel in November 2008 so I'm hoping that this may help. They are still writing letters to me and the invoices they are sending are getting higher and higher in cost. I did speak to the Trading Standards in the UK and whilst they can't help, they had heard of such scams and advised me not to pay. If we all stand our ground, then they should go out of business!
I am a physician in the United States and have also signed the misleading form. I have been sent invoices along with threats of legal action that they will take if no payment is received. I have not sent any money. I have not yet heard from any collection agencies, but I am sure that will be their next step. This could become very disruptive for my office it this were to occur. In the United States, the scammers are using the website (American Medical Directory).

DJ (United States)
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