Monday, May 22, 2006


Another day, another attack

It's as if someone were employed pretty much full time attack the anti-scam sites, every week we see new methods employed, be it legal, dubious or outright criminal. It appears that some scammers will try any tactic that might deflect people away from the sites that expose them. This is understandable, if a person being hounded by a scam artist feels alone they are more vulnerable, the internet allows scam victims to get together and fight back, it can be the worst enemy of the conman.

The latest attack on is one of the more bizarre

Over recent weeks a number of ‘mirror’ sites have appeared

However these sites do not contain the exact text of

* The content has been deliberately jumbled to become meaningless.
* External links have been replaced with links to travel and kids sites.
* The images have been put through some software that smudges them like a gouache paining to make the newspaper articles unreadable.
* Important text such as the addresses to complain to appears to have been completely removed.

The only text that remains uncorrupted is in the Meta tags (which tell search engines what the site is about).

The objective appears to be to put meaningless results into the search engines so that people, particularity those who do not speak English and who need to use translation tools are unable to find the advice offered on

How can you help?
Actually it is really simple to assist, please post links to on your website or blog, and/or reproduce the advice from stopECG, if you do not have a site consider setting up an account with a free webspace provider such as Geocities. Incoming links will elevate in search engine results above the sites full of corrupted content, making it easier to find, so we really need as many links as possible in order to drown the junk results out. This means that by the simple act of posting links to us you will help others out there who are seeking advice about the scams!

A little tutorial Keywords and Anchor words

Anchor words are the words that make up the blue part of an incoming link e.g. a link that says Stop The Tour And Travel Guide and links to is good, if it just says more info Here it is not quite as effective

Key words are the words you use in the piece you write, basically what we need here is for you to name the guide you are in dispute with and then to include words that you think others looking for advice on that guide might use like complaint, contract, misleading etc. There are plenty more words, so use your imagination! The ideal piece would name all the guides with each guide name being a link to the relevant page on That said it will help all involved it you host some of the basic advice for scam victims, such as the addresses of government agencies accepting complaints.

If you can translate any part of the advice on stopECG into your own language and post it on the www you will be helping those in your own country! Short of time? Post a small piece in your own language with lots of keywords and ask other guide victims who find it to get in contact and assist with building the site.

Jules Woodell

For those of you who are intersted this is the most up to date list of fake stopECG sites we have

The domains were regestered around the 10th May using a Singapore company that allows the regestrant to hide thier identity, they were uploaded over the next few days.
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