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Are UNITED Directorios, Lda Expanding their operations?

United Directories based in Lisbon, Portugal bought many of the disputed contracts of Novachannel AG a company forced into liquidation in Switzerland and currently the subject of a huge criminal investigation in that country. (See This Blog tomorrow for some important Analysis of Novachannels recent loss before the Swiss Supreme Court)

The contracts in question related to the medical directory, med1web and were of the classic misleading format that has become known as the Ludenbach style after the man behind many of the companies that have used this layout.

Staff at United Directories were left in no doubt by frustrated victims of the Novachannel scam that the contracts were subject to the Swiss code of obligations, and were void due to their deceptive nature, this did not stop United from writing aggressive letters demanding payment and threatening legal action, nor did it stop them from contriving their own, very similar contacts which were mailed from Portugal and are now also the subject of dispute.

Recently med1web have been fairly quiet, with few complaints received, usually an indication with such guides of legal problems or of an ongoing project that is using resources; now the next stage may be evident.

In October a few complaints appeared online about forms from a guide calling itself The European Medical Directory – the complaints note that a price is inferred and that the contracts are misleading (StopECG has not yet seen these contracts to assess the complaints)

Some research has revealed that the directory does exist, calling itself The European Medical Directory (TEMDI) with a website at www.temdi.com

Although the website was registered using a company that allows the owner to remain anonymous a quick look at temdi.com reveals the following contact information

UNITED Directorios, Lda
Av. Joao Crisostomo 38c
1050-127 Lisbon

Telephone +351 211 148 777
Fax +351 211 148 755

Email info@temdi.com

Commercial – Register 508'829'402
VAT - No. 508'829'402

Digging a little deeper the following unused domains can be found, registered using the same Anonymous Registration service and hosted at the same IP address of


It appears an American Medical Directory is planned and possibly an American Directory of Patents and Marques

On the very next IP block of and again using the same Anonymous Registration service is just one domain

Could it be that a new debt collection outfit is on the way?

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Firstly thank you for all the information. It is really reassuring that I'm not the only one. I originally was conned into signing up to Novochannel on 1st December 2008 and I am still being hounded for payment (now a staggering EUR 2098.65)from Med1web for what amounts to a poultry entry on a poor website. They are now starting to bring in the wording 'to avoid legal proceedings' into their reminders. Has anyone else received a 'reminder' lately?
I just received an invoice from Ammedi advising me I had not paid an Invoice for USD $978.00 for an advertisement in htpp://www.ammedo.com year 10/11. It looked very official and correct. It looks like they are up and scamming again. This was for "American Medical Directory" while I am actually in Canada. It certainly looks as if they are trying to expand.
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